Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Pancake Flop

Well at least we didn't burn the school down.

My partner and I attempted to make paleo pumpkin pancakes. Basically they just didn't have flour in them. It was a recipe my culinary teacher made up, since she doesn't eat grains or anything processed. While everyone made fluffy crepes, we had volunteered to make this special recipe.

Let's just say it was a mess. While our pancakes were far from light and fluffy, we did manage to melt the spatula. The butter didn't melt all the way either, so the batter was questionable. Both my partner and I were hesitant to try our experiment. My teacher, however, was brave enough to try it. She liked it, or at least pretended to for our sake. Honestly, I'm not sure they were safe to eat.

I like to cook. I like to make food for people, because it makes people happy. It's like a hobby. This pancake flop was the first time I had really failed at cooking. And this, readers, is not acceptable. Nope. Nopers. Nope. Of course this left me with only option: make the pancakes at home to prove that I can still, in fact, cook. Proceed carefully.

I followed the steps precisely. You couldn't flip over the pancakes because of the no-flour thing. I broke this rule and flipped them anyways. You know, since I'm such a rebel. But last time I tried to cook them at culinary they were a half-burned, half-under cooked mess. Some sort of mutant creature from planet Don't Make Me Eat That.

Success! The pumpkin pancakes were actually edible. Most of them. And now my confidence in my cooking has been somewhat restored. Kinda. But that's not the point. They were pretty good pancakes. Mistakes have never tasted so great.

Two days later I'll look back at this post and think Really? Did I really write that? Paleo pumpkin pancakes. Maybe I was just really hungry when I wrote this. Moving on...

In that case, I leave you with a random song.

Favorite quotes: "It's unstoppable!" "Save us from the lumpy thing!"


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