Friday, November 16, 2012


See that person over there? Yeah, the one that's reading that map upside-down. Kinda has a confused look. Holding a cup of coffee in one hand. Ohhh, that's going to be hard to clean up. That person just dropped their coffee. Wow. What a klutz. I'm pretty sure some of the coffee even got on the map. That's embarrassing.

Who is that person?

Well, that would be me.

As I mentioned before in my Why North? post, I am very directionally-challenged. That is, if "directionally-challenged" is a word. I make up words sometimes. It's okay. Shakespeare made up words too. Words such as blushing, jaded, lonely, zany and worthless. But I'm getting off on a tangent.

Wednesday night. 5:30 pm. 

My friend and I are driving on the highway. We were on our way to go to our youth leader's house. Wait, weren't we supposed to get off on I-25? Check the phone. Oh. This is bad. Hold on, the phone's rerouting.

Siri: Turn right at the next exit.
Me: Okay. Okay. Siri knows what to do.
Friend: Yeah, let's trust Siri!
Me: So glad we have Siri. Siri won't panic.
Friend: Yeah.
Me: Yeah.

Friend: Is that an airplane?
Me: I think we're heading to the airport...

20 minutes later. Now in Look a Cow, Colorado. In other the middle of nowhere.

Siri: Turn right and return to civilization as soon as possible.
Friend: Why are we always getting lost?
Me: It's me, I know it. I'm a bad luck charm. I'm always getting lost.
Siri: Are you listening to me anymore? Turn right. Listen to me.
Friend: Remember that time we got lost going to so and so's house?
Me: We lost Siri. Now what?

10 minutes later. 

Friend: We found it! We found the house!
*Insert excitement here*
Siri: Continue 1.3 miles and turn right to arrive at your destination.

Moral of this short story...uh...don't trust Siri.


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