Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wacky Tacky

My English teacher dressed up as a hippie today. I didn't recognize that it was her blowing bubbles while sitting on a blue rug by my classroom door. She was even wearing a wig. I thought the bongos were a nice touch.

Today's theme for Homecoming week was decades day. Most people wore tie dye or dressed as a hippie, some senior girls went cavewoman. I saw a Clint Eastwood on Monday-Western day. Some guy dressed up as a pirate. Chicken Fried by Zac Band Brown was played in almost every class, which I'm cool with. That's quality music right there. It's one of my favorite songs actually. And you know your Government teacher has a sense of humor when he plays the Barbie Girl song on Wacky Tacky day.

My hearing will most likely by permanently impaired on Friday, when the senior girls have the privilege of scaring the freshies and running through the halls screaming and cheering as loud as possible. No doubt almost every car in the parking lot will be tagged with "13ow Down," "Obey" and "Sennniiors" before school evens starts. Not to mention the assembly, which involves the senior class shouting down the rest of the school and beating the freshmen, sophomores and juniors at every game. It's just tradition. Being a senior definitely has it's benefits.

Today also happens to be my birthday, no biggie. But unlike my peers, I'm not spending the night TPing the Junior girls. Instead, I have been busy talking to representatives at an insulin pump fair. It's not as bad as it sounds. I won't bore you with details, but I'm pretty excited about getting a new pump. You can only get a new pump every 4-5 years because of insurance and whatnot, so it's a huge decision. Biggest hang-up? What color I should get. I'm thinking either blue or pink. I was surprised, this pump actually looks like it was invented sometime during this decade. Improvement!


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