Saturday, September 15, 2012


I just really like this picture. So fantasical.
3'o clock am. What am I doing? No, that was a rhetorical question. Good guess though-I do actually own a How to Rule the World handbook, but I was reading something else at the time. In fact, I was going through the poems I had written my sophomore year. Some of them are rather embarrassing, and I'm determined to rewrite these poems fairly soon. However I did come across one poem that I really like. The poem was inspired by the infamous poem, The Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll. Carroll's poem puts mine to shame, but I shall post mine nonetheless. Basically the poem is filled with made-up words, or "nonsense" words that tell a story. The Jabberwocky is one of my favorite poems. There's your random nerd fact of the day. Well here it goes, my sad attempt at trying to be poetic.

In Kingdom Trimel
By: Me

'Tis brentance that tele this tale,
Of despicady,
And maht.

It was a sable day,
And everyone was in a quick-quack.
For the kimble king was to return,
With the mayen men and his bride-to-be,
The new quare queen!

There was to be a japperlappy festival,
To celebrate this minsoval.
With songs of Jipah, and foods from Tilak.
No one could disagree,
That this was an impopan day indeed.

The plar, however, was in a rage.
Nothing was going right.
The cook had zipare,
And the mufamees and the relarees could not play.
For their prized ringazings belahcoos would not ring.

Among this qiffsta and qiffle,
Was a yuppster lad named Dave.
Unlike everyone else,
He was warifee and wagadee.
It was he that would save the day.

Now Dave wasn't a cesier or a therince.
Our hero was about as ablain as ablain can be.
He just happened to know a few things.
By now you've probably guessed,
That Dave cured the cook,
And fixed the belahcoos so that they sang.

He did just that, and much more.
Dave, the ablain yuppster,
Who used to live just down the lane,
Saved the kimble king at the festival
When he about drank a sikud drang.

If the king had drank the drang,
There would have been many treves,
In the kingdom Trimel,
Mourning over the end of King Armel.
Now the yuppster lad is no longer ablain,
He is a hero.
We call him Dave.

Simple and nonsensical. I'm such a poet.


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