Sunday, September 16, 2012


While we're on the topic of nonsense words, I'd just like to announce that my house is slowly becoming Ikea-ized. Another new word to add to the dictionary, but there's not really a better way to describe this trend.

Ikea is a Swedish store that sells everything you could possibly need to furnish a house, and it even has it's own grocery store. The key word here is Swedish. My family couldn't resist. The store is extremely large-I'm convinced that there's several customers that get lost in there and never see the light of day again. Which isn't that big of a problem, Ikea has everything you could possibly need and want. You could become an Ikean, sleep on a different bed every night and eat Swedish meatballs to your heart's content. I never liked their Swedish meatballs, but most people like them.  Eventually so many people would get lost in this maze of furniture you could create your own little town. The person that has been living there the longest gets to be mayor.

Back to my Ikea-ized house. First it was the recliners, then the curtains, then part of the basement and then the couch. I open up the cupboard-bam! Every package is written in Swedish. Or almost every package. Welches has been replaced by Sylt Lingon, regular chips by Uffa Da chips. My backpack has not escaped from this takeover, Ikea is written all over it. My drawing pad also sports a nice and somewhat large Ikea label. Not saying that I don't like Ikea. It has some cool stuff for really good price. And besides Swedish hot dogs, mashed potatoes and meatballs-the food is pretty decent. Well, the foods I've tried.

So, who all wants to play hide-n-seek in Ikea?

Yet another question: what would happen if you released all these cats in a Ikea store...?


Ginger said...

It has always been my dream to visit IKEA (sad, I know)! There is only one in the entire country here, but it is my plan to eventually go there. Awesome post :)

North said...

haha Ikea is quite the experience! We only have one store in our state...I think. You should definitely go! They have some cool, cheap stuff (some assembly required). Don't forget to try the meatballs!

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