Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why North?

It's about time I explained the reason behind my pen name, North. Often times in novels, when a character travels south, it is usually a forewarning that their experiences or plans are about to go haywire. South is the direction that you don't want to go, if you happen to be a character in a book. North then, is the direction that one wants to take in life. North is the direction you want to follow. North being truthful, loyal, sincere, etc, etc. I hope that by the time the last chapter of my life is written, my life will ultimately point North. And as a Christian, I know God has many plans for my life. 

I won't insult your intelligence by explaining how north relates to travel. When I was little, as soon as I heard that we were going to take a trip, the first item to pack was always my journal. I wanted to write down every detail-everything I saw and learned on what, to me, was a new and exciting adventure. I knew that by writing down all that I experienced I would keep those memories forever, sealed in black ink. As St. Augustine put it, "the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page". Traveling has opened my mind and has made me more aware of my world. Sure, I haven't traveled all over the globe, but that doesn't mean my experiences were any less real.

Traveling has sparked other interests in my life as well. Not only does it feed my curiosity and encourage me in my writing, but it has given me an interest to study other cultures. A couple summers ago, I spoke with a bilingual man that knew Hawaiian. He told me that learning a second language was one of the best decisions of his life. As he put it, "learning two languages allows you to see the world in a different light. You see a tree, but you also see a kumula'au1You can express yourself in ways that you never knew you could before, and communicate with people that you otherwise wouldn't have been able to." He was interesting to talk to, and it was sometime after that I began to seriously think about becoming fluent in another language.

In short, North represents my love for writing, my faith, and my curiosity about the world around me. Of course, it was only after I picked this name did I realize the irony in it.

I'm directionally-challenged. I get lost all the time...I'll blame google maps for this.

1 Hawaiian name for tree


Ginger said...

Very clever name! My name was chosen as a symbol of NBC-oppresion. Ever since we got foreign TV in Ireland, people have strived to look more and more like Americans, and despise those with red hair.

I don't even have red hair, and I'm called the ginge because of my poor love life. Oh well.

North said...

Aw :( You seem really nice, I'm sure any guy would be lucky to date you! And I like your name, gingers don't get enough credit :) My hair looks reddish sometimes-and I'm American! No one else in my family has red hair though, so I guess that kinda makes me the oddball!

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