Thursday, August 23, 2012

Common Questions

A post on common questions people ask me about having diabetes...this is probably the best introduction I've ever written for a post. Go me :D

...On the Pump

My pump model-so fashionable
Can you play games on that? Always asked by the guys. Sorry it doesn't have pacman on'll have to resort to the games on your graphing calculator to survive another hour of math.

Is that a pager? Okay, okay. I know my pump looks like it was made in the 90's or whatever, but what teenager uses a pager? Ah what can I say...I'm behind the times.

What happens if I press that button? Depends on which button you're pointing to. I don't recommend pressing random buttons-it'll yell at you if you do. No really, it gets angry and makes lots of beeping noises. Might explain why some people think its a pager.

...Are you sure you can't play games on that? Um, yeah. Kinda disappointing.

....On Everything Else

Does that pokey-thing hurt? My poker is a device I use to draw blood to check my blood sugar throughout the day. You get used to it, although it can leave scars on your fingers if you're not careful.

Woah that's a cool device thing! Can I check my blood sugar? If you want to, I'd have to change the needles for sanitation reasons.

Actually I changed my mind! I'm freaking out. I'll just watch you do it.  That's fine too. 

Will you die if you eat too much sugar? Technically, yes. Very few diabetics die from high blood sugars though. I'd have to eat an unreasonable amount of sugar without giving myself insulin and get extremely sick as a result. High blood sugars aren't as dangerous as low blood sugars-it's a very very slim risk. I'd realize my blood sugar was way too high before that could happen. Anyways, best to stay away from the super sugary foods in general (aka regular pop, doughnuts, anything screaming HEY CARBS EAT ME! I don't eat all that cake I bake and decorate-I just like making cakepops and food for people).

So what are low and high blood sugars like? Ah I could write several posts on I'll just sum it up.

    Low blood sugars (60 or below)-Impaired judgement, dizziness, confusion, trembling, fatigue, anxiety, inability to focus, numbness in mouth and tongue (can cause slurred speech or just harder to communicate in general), etc...
    High blood sugars (180 or above)-Increased thirst, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, abdominal pain, just totally out of it etc..

Wait, there's two types? Most people know there are two types but don't know the difference. And there are some that don't know there are two types at all. Type 1 (the one I have) is genetic, Type 2 is related to obesity but some thin people are known to get it.

Do you miss being non-diabetic? To be honest I don't really remember what it's like not having diabetes! Can't miss what you don't know-although a cure for diabetes would be amazing.

What is your lowest and highest blood sugar? Occasionally every diabetic will have an "off" day (or week) blood sugar wise. My lowest blood sugar was a 20 (happened a couple years ago), my highest being 600 (happened when my pump site didn't work and I didn't realize it). Normal blood sugars are in the 100's. Those were extreme cases! 

How long have you had diabetes? 10 years now! Today is my anniversary-hence the post.


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