Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Magical Toasters

Don't panic. That Christmas party isn't till tonight so you still have time to find that white elephant gift for the gift exchange. Luckily I have the perfect gift in mind for you. Allow me to introduce to you the Daily Bread toaster.

Looks something like this
Makes something like this
*Note: this toast is pre-blessed

And it only costs $39.49! That's what we call a great deal. What's that? The Daily Bread toaster isn't for you? Well, perhaps you'd be interested in our Dark Vader toaster. Comes in two colors: desolation destruction and sinister shadows. Join the dark side every morning with special Vader toast. Say no to plain old toast and eat some pre-blessed or dark side toast! It'll improve your mood and will do absolutely nothing to improve your health. Millions of people suffer from eating plain toast everyday, so make a difference by buying one of these magical toasters today! Buy it for your friends and family. Buy it for your neighbor. Will you just buy it already? Thank you.

                  May the force be with you.
(Personally if I had the money I would buy both these toasters.)


Unknown said...

Can it print pics of mia khalifa

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