Saturday, August 11, 2012

2:00 in the Morning

School starts in a week. And I, being the overachiever that I am, didn't finish my summer homework. Actually I lost the entire packet. I came to this realization last night at 2 in the morning. Since I wasn't going to be getting much sleep anyways, I decided that looking for said packet was my only option.

Spoiler Alert! I didn't find the packet. Really the only thing I accomplished was destroying what once was a fairly clean and organized closet. I did, however, find several items I didn't realize I had.

Things I discovered:

1. A license plate.
2. A twilight book? Wait what. That is definitely not mine. Anyone want it?
3. A shoe I painted in 5th grade (for an art project)
4. Narnia
5. An old collection of CDs. Score!
6. Yeah I didn't really find anything that exciting. I was pretty happy about finding the CDs.

After I successfully tore apart both my closet and desk, I figured it was about time to use the help line. I now have the summer reading packet, thanks to a friend. And now I must end this rather pointless post to read a book on 'How to Read Literature'.

This really is an awful post. I should make it a personal goal not to write after getting only a few hours of sleep. So Reader, here's a random song to listen to.

I have this song on my ipod. It's pretty great.


Nikki P said...

LOL North! Of course you have that song in your iPod >.< But I must admit that I really do want to be Canadian. Because Canadians are just awesome--they reinvented the zipper, after all :)

North said...

This song makes me want to be Canadian.It would be fun to be Canadian just so that I can go around saying 'what's up eh?' to people all the time...or something like that.

Nikki P said...

That makes me think of one of my best friends. This girl asked her "Hey, are you Japanese?" And I said, "No. She's Chinese." Then my friend said, "Actually...I'm Canadian!"

North said...

That's awesome! Canadians are pretty cool. :)

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