Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hey You!

Hey You! Hey You, come back here! Oh sorry, I'm not talking to you. Hey You, get out of the bushes! That's a bad dog.

The other day I was out walking my dogs when I met someone new on the trail. She was an elderly lady out walking her cute little dog. And her dog had the coolest name-Hey You. Not only did the dog have the best name ever, but it was also a Westie. Westies are one of my favorite breeds, as are Huskies and Shi-tzus. I used to have a Westie when I was little. He liked to eat the couch.

Anyways, Hey You was just about the most adorable thing I've ever seen. He inspired me to name my next dog Hey You...not that I'm planning on getting another tiny fur ball anytime soon. Bowser would also be a fun name for a really small breed of dog. I think it would be cute, but maybe that's the nerd side of me that's talking. I love the Mario characters.

Hey You! (sadly I didn't get an actual picture of him...)

It rained on little on the walk, but it lasted only a couple of minutes. And there was a rainbow! 

No rain, no rainbow
These puppies are affectionate with all little children  Malta
New Discovery: White Teacup Poms. Mini Harp Seals in disguise?
If you buy one, name it Bowser for me. Please. Pretty please.


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