Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Scars Tell Stories

Every scar has its own story. Unfortunately all of my scars I earned in slightly less than heroic ways. For example, I have a four inch scar on my leg. Yes, I did measure it in case you were wondering. Any guess on how I got it?

No, I did not fall down a cliff. That's a close guess though. I haven't ever fallen off a cliff recently, but I've taken a tumble or two from climbing extremely large boulders. I believe the correct term would be called bouldering. As in climbing up a giant rock, hoping you don't fall; and if you do someone might be there to catch you.

Any other guesses? And no, I didn't get this scar from surgery either. Well, since you're begging to know I suppose I'll just tell you.

I got the scar on my leg from running into a chair.

Not many people know this, but the responses from the people I have told are hilarious. "How does someone get a scar from a chair?" Well I don't really know, ask the chair. I'm sure I did something to it in the past that caused its feelings to get hurt, and then in retaliating it left me a scar when I ran into it. What I do know is that I felt a sharp pain when I collided with the thing and by the time I walked to the next class my leg was covered a large amount of blood. The teacher ordered me to go see the nurse, where I spent the next ten to fifteen minutes of my life trying to stop the unending flow of blood.

Some of my friends found my story to be a little pathetic, "that's kinda sad, you should come up with a cool story. Tell people you got attacked by a wild animal!" My friends never fail to give good advice. Others found my story more entertaining, "that sounds like something you'd do!"

Another scar I have is on my wrist. One of my good friends was responsible for this particular scar. It was last summer when I was at the pool with my friends. My friends jumped into the pool, but being stubborn I stood near the edge and tried to gain the courage to get into the cold water. My friend decided to be kind enough to spare me the anxiety of jumping in myself, so instead simply grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me into the water. I had to get out of the water soon after to stop the bleeding.

Today I might have one more scar to add to my collection. Or should I say scars. My family went on a trip to Mexico over spring break, which is part of the reason I haven't posted in awhile (my apologies). Anyways, today we got home and I went to go get my dogs from my grandparents. My grandparents had five dogs at their house this week, as they were watching my two dogs and my cousins' two dogs also. When I stepped through the door I was immediately greeted by all five. As a result I left with numerous claw marks (a couple broke the skin) on my arms and legs from them jumping up on me.
But I'm not complaining, my dogs are pretty adorable.


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