Sunday, March 4, 2012

Legally Blind?

Three day weekend? Amazing. Weather getting a little warmer? I'm not complaining. Eating at Noodles and Company and hanging out with my cousin at the mall? Fun and more fun. Being unable to see past my hand for the past couple of days? Well...yeah that's a problem. You see, I've been unable to wear my contacts (or at least one of them) for a couple of days now. Funny, I never thought my vision was that bad...until now. But I have finally moved past the denial phase, and have accepted that my vision is about as bad as a legally blind person's.

What happened to my eye exactly? Well, according to the Doc I got a paper cut on my eye. Rather, he said it was "like getting a paper cut". The rest of the explanation was more scientific, and I won't bother you with boring details. The point is, apparently I injured my eye and it's pretty much like getting a paper cut. So Doc gave me some eye drops and I should be good to go. I do have to get a new pair of glasses. I'm still trying to decide if I should get hipster glasses or go for the smart librarian look. Oh, and my eye is extremely sensitive to light and will be for some time. So to survive the next couple of days I have to be like a vampire and avoid all sources of light. My eyes might still be really sensitive after that.

What you talking about? That's one of Peter Pan's fairies!
Couldn't resist, sorry. Well if you see some random person that suddenly runs into a wall or clear door, or is running into things's probably me.


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