Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I got my little brother. You see, there's a reason people have passwords to get into their computer. There's also a reason you should log off your computer when you leave the house. Especially if you have a little brother who is too smart and mischievous for his own good. Anyways, here's the story. It's a pretty exciting story (no really, I tell this one at all the parties). I leave the house to hang out with friends. I come back. And when I get to my computer, this is what I find as my new wallpaper:

Terrifying much? And yet I left this as my background for at least two weeks. Today I finally decided it was time to take down the troll face, as it was starting to get a little too creepy to have hundreds of troll faces staring at me whenever I walked by my computer. I just replaced the troll face with my original background.
I thought that the troll-background thing was pretty creative. I'm only disappointed that my brother happened to think of it first.

Well done little brother, well done....


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