Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I got my little brother. You see, there's a reason people have passwords to get into their computer. There's also a reason you should log off your computer when you leave the house. Especially if you have a little brother who is too smart and mischievous for his own good. Anyways, here's the story. It's a pretty exciting story (no really, I tell this one at all the parties). I leave the house to hang out with friends. I come back. And when I get to my computer, this is what I find as my new wallpaper:

Terrifying much? And yet I left this as my background for at least two weeks. Today I finally decided it was time to take down the troll face, as it was starting to get a little too creepy to have hundreds of troll faces staring at me whenever I walked by my computer. I just replaced the troll face with my original background.
I thought that the troll-background thing was pretty creative. I'm only disappointed that my brother happened to think of it first.

Well done little brother, well done....

Thursday, February 2, 2012


On some days math class seems to drag on forever. Other days, it proves to be more entertaining. Mostly because for the first ten or fifteen minutes of class we never even talk about math. A favorite subject that my teacher and fellow peers like to discuss is the latest football game. It's only when everyone feels satisfied that they've gotten their point across, and have made their strong opinions about the game or a certain team well known, that we actually get to the lesson. Other times we have more interesting conversations. Today, for example, the topic was Cake Boss and time travel.

The boring part is when we actually have to learn something. That's when I start looking at the clock, counting down the minutes till I can escape. I pass the time in the back of the classroom drawing dolphins and other random doodles, making sure that I take notes every so often so I'm not totally lost. Math class would be much more interesting, I decided, if the teacher had an Australian accent. It wouldn't be half so bad then. In fact, it would probably be one of my favorite classes. The Crocodile Hunter, if he was still alive, would have made a great math teacher.

                                    "Crickey! Look at this math problem! It's gorgeous!"

The award for the best accent would go to the Australians, hands down. Australians are just fun to listen to. Everything sounds better in an Australian accent, and a hundred times more exciting. Also, apparently Australians call a barbecue a "barbie" which is a really fun word to say. Unless you have a bad cold, like me. I think at this point I should start devoting any free time I have to learning sign language, seeing as my voice is on vacation and it has no plans of returning soon. Well, at least I have some Ricorla.

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