Monday, December 5, 2011

Enchanted in Your Walmart

It's cold. It's snowy. I'm drinking hot chocolate and feeling very lazy. So, am I going to work on that Chemistry packet that's due on Monday? I think not. Eventually I'll painfully drag myself to my chair and chain myself to my desk so that I'll remain focused on my homework. However, for now I am completely satisfied with sitting on my bed and watching youtube videos to my heart's content. But what's this? I lean forward slightly and click on the video. It was a video of a flashmob that took place at DIA, which happens to be an airport I am familiar with as it's in Colorado.


Okay. That was a cool video, but what does it have to do with Enchanted? Here's the connection. For Thanksgiving break my family and I went to Arizona. Now, something you should know about my family. We like road trips. One time my family drove all the way from Colorado to Florida; we don't usually fly when traveling. During this particular trip I was listening to my ipod and the song That's How You Know from the movie Enchanted starts playing.


 And that's when I got the idea. What if this scene in the movie Enchanted was recreated in a random store or at your local park? Imagine this: you're grocery shopping at your local Walmart when suddenly the lady next to you starts to sing this song. The man that's with her tries to get her to stop singing, obviously embarrassed, but she starts to twirl and dance. As the song progresses more people start joining in. Someone next to you pulls out maracas and a sweet elderly couple starts to dance. And you have absolutely no idea what's going on. Personally I think it would make a great video. Just saying.


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