Sunday, December 4, 2011

Angry Bird

"Come on! You have to see this!" It's 7 o' clock in the morning. I'm not a morning person. At all. My younger brother, however, is a fiery ball of energy that cannot be contained. Today he seems to be a little more hyped-up than usual. My entire family, for some reason I couldn't explain at the time, was gathered in my brother's room. Turns out they were looking at something outside my brother's window.

I ran out of the room to grab my camera to take this picture. When I came back, my parents had already left the room. I turned on the camera and focused my camera on the creature. Of course, just as I hit the button to snap the picture I remembered that I had the flash on. When the flash goes off, it's effects are similar to the sun exploding in your face. The owl obviously did not appreciate this. It whipped it's head around (very quickly I might add) and locked it's eyes on me.

This is after I figured out how to turn off the flash
This is what he looked like right after the flash went off
It stared intensely at me for a least a whole two minutes. All I could do was stare back before frantically trying to figure out how to turn off the flash. Alright, fine. I had a staring contest with an owl. And lost.
I win!
Frederick, so humble. I named him (or her...) Frederick. Mostly because it was annoying to constantly refer to it as simply "the owl".

I wouldn't be too concerned about the neighbor's small dog next door. Two suicidal squirrels dashed past the owl several times, the owl not even bothering to act as if it was interested. Besides, I think this guy could lose some weight. It might as well have been my dog sitting in that tree. It's just past 2 o' clock now, and Frederick still hasn't moved. Say hello to the nice readers Frederick.
Frederick says hi. (Notice the eyes)


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